Hello World!! Welcome to my blog.

Well the idea of publishing blogs was always there in the back of my mind but being this lazy and not happening guy, I always put that thought aside. Life has been kind enough to me by sending me my fair share of the good and the bad. Up until now, I would just take whatever it [life] threw at me and live through it but only recently did I meet someone who made me realise that

some things are meant to be cherished and one can always look back upon those times when going through a rough patch.

I will be talking about this realisation in my later blogs. If you are a believer of terms like New Year Resolutions, you may consider this blog in that folder [we all know where resolutions end up so fingers crossed 😀]

Blaaahhh!! Enough of the philosophical garbage. As the URL suggests, I am a hardcore gamer and mainly play FPS games coz that’s what my laptop would actually play without begging me to stop the torture on the poor thing and if I didn’t stop it, well it’d shut it down itself by activating a thermal shutdown [classic HP]. The era of RPG, Arcade,Simulation and other genres came to an end the day my Mom [who BTW is the best 😍] decided to giveaway my PC to our household help. Yes, you guessed it right, I was spending way too much time in the virtual world rather than what my peers would. Fast forward 5 yrs and now I dedicate most of my time playing Counter Strike : Global Offensive [used to play 1.6 in the past ~700 hrs] and having played ~900 hours, consider myself to be an average player [LE]. Also, technology and gadgets fascinate me and as such I have a collection of these toys [big boy ones 😛]. I was introduced to personalised music while still a child [ I used to stuff my uncle’s Walkman’s earphones in my tiny ears 😀] and thus developed a taste for good quality sound. This led to me burning through atleast 10 different set of earphones and headphones.

1637 hrs of CS… Waaay to much free time man 😛
Present Setup – SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism, SteelSeries Rival, SteelSeries QcK+ #SteelSeries Mode On 😍

What follows in future blogs would mainly constitute of my thoughts on stuff related to games, setup tours, gadget reviews [unbiased 😉], book reviews [mostly the ones I own], food [only occasionally if the place rocks 😎] and my personal views on most things that are attention worthy. While doing so, I would be travelling back and forth in time to visit some of the most important things that happened to me.

So welcome aboard my time machine which has a malfunctioning timer and thus brace yourself to be time travelling through random events that are worth mentioning during which if on Day 1 we are in 2016, the next thing we are in 2012 or some other time.

That’s about it for my first blog. Now if you’d excuse me, I need to go shoot some heads 😎😄. For those interested, I’ll leave my about.me link.

See you on the next one… #C’est La Vie